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PART- I: Theory

a)  Evaluation in this part will be external as well as internal.

b)  Each theory paper will be of three hours duration, Paper V(A) and V(B) will be of 1.5 hours duration each. Theory part will consist of seven papers.


  I     Teacher in Emerging Indian Society

  II   Development of Learner & Teaching Learning Process

  III   Development of Educational System in India

  IV  Essentials of Educational Technology & Management

  V   A) Compulsory: Guidance & Counseling B) Elective: Anyone of the  


  a) Elementary Education

  b)  Population Education

  c) Environmental Education

  d) Non Formal & Adult Education

  e) Educational Measurement & Evaluation

  f) Physical Education

  g) Value Education

  h) Information & Communication Technology

  VI & VII Teaching Subject I                                                                         

  80                    20               100 

  Teaching Subject II                                                                               

   80                    20               100

  Any two of the following options:

  1) Teaching of English or Hindi or Punjabi

  2) Teaching of Social Studies or Teaching of Economics 3) Teaching of   


  4) Teaching of Physical Science

  5) Teaching of Life Science

  6) Teaching of Home Science

  7) Teaching of Art

  8) Teaching of Music etc.

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